McKenzie Horsemanship

About Allan

Allan was born into a family that has revered the spirit of the west and the spirit of the horse for generations. He was starting colts before he was in his teens. McKenzies ride saddle bronc, and Allan was no exception, spending two decades on the rodeo circuit. He attributes much of his success to adapting to the needs of the horse – looking for a  way to make it easier for the horse to do its job, and allowing Allan to stay aboard in style.

Allan considers horses to be some of his greatest teachers, and made the study of horses his life’s work. He has taken many so-called “problem horses” and worked with them to find, and solve, the cause of the problem. Often, the rider has not offered the lessons in a way that the horse can understand. Both people and horses need to be prepared, step by step, for the next level of learning.